About Us

The Young People’s Resistance Committee is a youth-led, multinational organization that works for the rights of immigrants, students, and workers. Our function within the campuses with which we are involved encompasses these, and many other efforts. We organize to not only increase awareness of the injustices immigrants face in this country, but to engage in the movement all who become indignant to such issues.

We work with the community to fight against deportations and for better access to services. We organize against budget cuts to education at every level. We believe that education is a human right, and that public education should be cost-free. We aspire to organize all working class and minority students in the interest of their already besieged education. Wisconsin is the leading anti worker-rights state in the country. Its Republican/Tea Party controlled state government has unleashed some of the worst attacks on organized labor in decades. We support unions because they are the most effective organizational body that protects the working class and combats for economic safety of the working people.

Young People’s Resistance Committee is an affiliate to the national immigrant rights network Legalization for All. YPRC is a founding organization of the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT). Formerly known as “Youth Empowered in the Struggle”.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Thank you for being an amazing motivated and youth led organization. I hope to see more from you all. There’s no words that can explain the things I’ve learned and accomplished with other folks and all threw the organization. And may one day all those who grow and move forward give you recognition. I shall always work for my people and with people because together United si se puede!


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